Doozee is a provider of aerial rigs to allow you to get a vast range of equipment in to the air. Although our focus is within the film and photographic industry, our systems are capable of carrying wide range of payloads; from data acquisition systems to infrared imaging cameras.

If you require a camera as well as the aerial rig we have a range of cameras available.

Above all we are versatile and happy to discuss your requirements.

Film & Video Production

We have the ability to give wings to a vast range of camera options from simple compact DSLRs to full feature film ready REDs.

Our focused experience is working with Film & TV Production companies to achieve shots that are not possible by traditional means. We can replicate the effects created by cranes, spider cams and full-size helicopters. Our setup time is minimal, give us five minutes and we will be in the air.

Your imagination is our greatest limitation.

Aerial Photography

Our stills photography is second to none. We provide angles and shots unachievable with traditional aerial aircraft based cameras. We can accurately position the camera by eye via our Live Link to the on-board camera or by using accurate GPS mapping.

Let your imagination decide on the shot and we’ll make sure you bag it.

Full Production Facilities

We can provide all services right from the start, whether you just want to use our rigs to get your equipment skyward or you want us to help you with a full inception to delivery production, we’re here to help.

We work closely with Bruizer Film & Video Agency and they have exceptional experience in all aspects of film and video production.

Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help you achieve great results.